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Dhinesh Kumar - Get Friday 0

Our Stars of Last Quarter

““Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” – Voltaire (French philosopher). And what good is appreciation that is not delivered openly. Now that we...

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Midhya, our VA with Jerry Hobby 0

Where Good Ideas come from?

Borrowing from the title of the popular book by Steven Johnson, here is an example of how ideas connect and how people benefit from it. We had posted Andrew Wilson’s virtual assistance social experiment...

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An Unusual Request 0

An Unusual Request

This unusual request came in from a client on the Euro Zone, some time back (Dec-2010). Bouquets and brickbats from clients are part of everyday life in the services business. But appreciation that is...

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Pushing the frontiers of exploration

I wanted to introduce you to Andrew Norman Wilson, a 27-year-old MFA candidate at the Art Institute of Philadelphia Chicago and a client of GetFriday who has pushed the frontiers of outsourcing to attempt...

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A New religion

The world’s second most populous nation went into a tizzy on Wednesday, 30th March. All because of a cricket match. Well, it wasn’t just any cricket match though. It was the World Cup semi-final...

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Back in action and the news

Back in Action We have been a little sluggish with our social media efforts till now. Reason why you haven’t seen too many blog posts since inception. But that is all set to change....

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Closing down the German Service 0

Closing down the German Service

I thought it might just help to share my perspective (the inside story) of what went wrong with the German service necessitating a shut down in December of 2010 after a rather successful run....

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