A Guide On How We Do What We Do!


When you sign up for a GetFriday membership, you will be assigned a Virtual Primary Assistant (PA). Your Virtual PA will be the only person that you will communicate with and hand over all your tasks to. You will be in contact with your Virtual PA via e-mail, telephone, fax, or online chat services. Once your Virtual PA has received a task he or she will either carry it out or delegate it to another member of the team.

This model ensures:

  • Personal contact and responses from your Virtual PA
  • Access to the skills of every member of the team
  • Continuity if your Virtual PA is ill or unavailable
  • No overtime- hours will be billed at a constant rate! If the task takes 8 man-hours, you will be billed for 8 man-hours, regardless of how many virtual assistants have worked on your task.
  • We can provide real-time virtual assistant services as well as carry out your work while you are asleep.
  • Virtual PA’s on call 24/7 to handle emergency tasks.

In effect, you are not just hiring one stand-alone assistant. Instead, you are hiring a virtual assistant who has access to a pool of expertise (including technical, creative and customer relationship skills) and backup support.

You don't get that luxury when you hire a single, in-house employee!

Each team is guided by a team lead that has an overview of all the work and is also the first person to talk to if you have anything to escalate. If a complaint is not resolved within a reasonable time frame you can seek recourse by escalating the issue to our Quality Department who will get it resolved as per our escalation matrix.

If the task involves skills that we don't have in-house, then the job will be outsourced to a specialist in Bangalore. These specialized skills come at a premium, and you will be charged extra for them. The rates will be confirmed with you before starting the task.


We have our very own list of tasks that have left indelible impressions in our minds- the tasks that have made it onto the GetFriday Tasks 'Wall of Fame'.

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