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No one knows what you want to do better than you. We can offer our opinion, but in the end, you know what you need best. The best way to choose a plan is to figure out, approximately, the number of hours of work you want us to do per week. Multiply that out by four or four and a half and you'll find which plan is best suited for you. If you have 2 hours of work a week, that adds up to about 10 hours a month.
That's the number of hours that will be charged to you even if you don't use them. For example, if you sign up for a B-20 and use only 12 hours, you will still be charged for all 20. If you use 23 hours, then the three extra hours will be charged at a higher rate.
Yes. However, you will be charged per hour at a slightly higher hourly rate.
If you are on a Basic Plan those hours are lost. The Plus plans come with GetFriday's RollOver Time (See Rollover FAQs below)
If you have requested for an urgent task to be carried out on a weekend, charges will be applied at 1.5 times the hourly rate applicable as per your membership plan. However, you will not be charged extra if your virtual assistant / team decides to complete your normal weekday tasks on weekends due to reasons internal to GetFriday.
Certainly! With a 30 days prior notice, you can upgrade or downgrade to any plan you want.
We want to provide flexible plans and services. However, in order to keep our pricing competitive, we need 30 days to reorganize our resources efficiently. It's a small trade-off given the amount you would be saving.
Business or personal - Your GetFriday Virtual PA will handle them all. None of our plans distinguish between the two.
Sure! Your company can sign up and anyone you specify can have access to your account. You want someone to help your whole family out? We can do that too. Too busy to spend some quality time with your significant other? We can help you both.
When you get a GetFriday virtual assistant, you get a Jack of all trades, someone who can do a wide range of work but doesn't have any highly specialized skills. If what you want requires these skills, then we have to organize a resource outside of our team structure. As with all specialization, the skills come at a premium. However, you can try and see if our team is capable of handling specialized work. Something that seems specialized to some people can actually be handled in-house by our team. So please check with us.
In addition to the primary plan structure that we have, these come with GetFriday Rollover Time. Your monthly usage is bound to vary even under normal circumstances, and Rollover Time helps you beat uneven work patterns, giving you greater flexibility. We call that a plus.
This is so that we can manage our resources. If we allowed unlimited rollovers, then your primary remote executive assistant might be overwhelmed if you decided to cash them all in at one shot. Also, if you really are losing out in terms of minutes lost, it might make more sense just to downgrade to a lower plan. As per our Good Customer Practices policy, in the event of a plan being under utilized by a customer consistently we actively recommend such downgrades because we believe in long term gains from happy customers than short term gains from under usage.
Plan Hours included per month Maximum GetFriday Rollover Time
PLUS - 40 40 8
PLUS - 80 80 16
PLUS - 160 160 32

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