About Us

TTK Services Pvt. Ltd is a company of the TTK Group, a conglomerate with a turnover of over Rs. 10 billion and presence across India and several overseas markets. TTK products are quality certified by the world's leading certifying bodies, and the Group's joint ventures are with leading global corporations, such as SSL International, UK(Durex brand of condoms). The Group has created and has been associated with several brands, which are now household names in India, brands like Prestige Cookware, Woodward's Gripe Water, Kohinoor condoms, Brylcreem and Kiwi Shoe polishes.

The TTK Group has a keen sense of social responsibility, and funds several charitable and social organizations. Some of these are the TTK Voluntary Blood Bank, TTK De-Addiction centers, TTK Schools for the Underprivileged and the Music Academy. All these have lent the TTK name a strong sense of trust as well as a feeling of being part of people's lives in India.

The Group made its maiden foray into the services sector with the launch of TTK Services Pvt. Ltd in the year 2000 with the specific focus of providing services for the Non Resident Indian (NRI) community. Having provided critical services in India, it felt the need and demand for a broader based offering to NRIs. In April 2004, it re-invented itself into a complete concierge service in India under the brand name 'YourManInIndia', strategically looking at providing just about anything that an NRI or anyone overseas might need in India. With a strong distribution network at its disposal it has reached out to every nook and corner of India serving customers. Today, the YourManInIndia brand is the market leader in this segment providing the widest range of physical concierge services across India.

In the year 2005, a chance opportunity to be part of a global personal outsourcing experiment by A.J. Jacobs, the editor of Esquire magazine opened up new avenues for the company. He incidentally was inspired by Thomas Friedman's best seller book on outsourcing - 'The World is Flat'. The personal outsourcing experiment grew into a separate business division, now referred to as 'GetFriday' providing virtual assistance services to global clients. The brand 'GetFriday' was inspired and derived from the character, Man Friday in Daniel Defoe's novel, 'Robinson Crusoe', who acts as his assistant and guide on the island, helping him survive. GetFriday was chosen as a gender agnostic brand name because the company employs both men and women to act as virtual assistants. Just like the character Man Friday, GetFriday endeavours to act as an important lifeline providing every kind of virtual assistance to its clients.

The GetFriday division working round the clock 24/7, now caters to busy individuals, startups and small businesses in 30 odd countries across different time zones. It has managed to take global outsourcing which was previously meant only for Fortune 500 businesses, within the reach of ordinary people - an individual, an entrepreneur or a small business owner. It takes pride in serving customers from diverse backgrounds. GetFriday is also the pioneer in bringing the idea of 'Get the Personal touch of an assistant along with access to a pool of expertise' into the market that makes virtual assistance dependable and so scalable.

GetFriday has been featured regularly in some of the world's leading magazines, newspapers, TV and best sellers due to its innovative business idea. It is staffed by a young and energetic team of 200 professionals from diverse backgrounds and is primarily based out of Bangalore, the outsourcing capital of India. GetFriday continues to expand its business through continuously striving towards enhancing value to its clients. TTK Services is today a fully fledged Life Outsourcing Company.

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