See what our happy Clients have to say about us

See what our happy Clients have to say about us


Google Reviews

"“I was introduced to my VA end of last year and simply put, My remote virtual assistant who I've been working with has been exceptional. Her support in content creation and client database management

has been pivotal for my health and fitness business.She's efficient, organized, and incredibly reliable. Her work has not only saved me time but has also enhanced the quality of my services. I can't recommend her enough – she's a true asset to any team and for anyone in Health & Fitness / Online Coaching, I would recommend.”"

pic Gabriel Carroll General Manager

"I have been using GetFriday for almost 6 months now and I’m very happy about the services they provide. They are great at communicating, kind and caring and put a smile on my face.

GetFriday gives me the feeling that they are part of my company and the quality of service is excellent. They are quick to learn and always take care of assignments with a smile. I can warmly recommend GetFriday to anyone who needs personal assistant services."

pic Yan Knudtskov Owner, Yan&Co

"GetFriday is an awesome and affordable VA service. I'm an individual that was looking for some organization in my life and found GetFriday

to be the perfect fit for my busy lifestyle. They handled research I needed done, job searches, entries into my calendar for daily agendas, and handled small projects that I just didn't have the time to do. GetFriday is a wonderful choice for the individual or if you own a business, they can handle it all."

pic Jessica Mitchell Senior Foreclosure Specialist at Nationstar Mortgage LLC in Coppell

"Getfriday has provided me with tremendously sharp assistants that supported me in my travels oversees or arrangements locally."

pic MP

"I cannot start the day without GetFriday. They are my secretary, personal trainer and research assistant rolled into one... but much cheaper and more motivated than UK staff"

pic Ranjit - UK

"Asha and her team provided an excellent and highly professional service. Our requests were met promptly and the quality of work was impressive.."

pic Managing Director, Zaebra Consulting Ltd

"Sandhya is my private assistant for almost 2 years now. I am extremely happy with her. She is very helpful, proactive and is always available to help met the many tasks I send to her. This includes my personal finance and a lot of support for my venture(s) like e-mailing, updating websites etc etc. and a lot of research. But above all is a very nice person and I am grateful to have her as my assistant.."

pic Richard Van Barneveld


"This is the first review I have ever left. I am normally too preoccupied but I felt the top notch service I received from my VA Nivetha from Get Friday was worth taking the two minutes to write this. Exceeded all of my expectations and caught on to my industry specific needs very quickly. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in outsourcing some of life's mundane tasks."

pic Tim Smart


"Ram assisted me in creating a multimedia video which I later used as a proposal to my now Fiance. His ability to follow my intentions were flawless. I was also particularly happy with the outcome achieved and the structured process undertaken to achieve the finished product. I would highly recommend Ram for any future projects of this nature."

pic Curtis Rhodes Digital Marketer


"Folks from GetFriday have been very helpful with all my admin tasks. I was skeptical as to how this was going to work, because as entrepreneurs it's easy to think no one can do what you do. The trick is to document the repetitive work and as soon as I documented the work, it was easy to turn it over to GetFriday. Krishna has been especially very diligent in the process.

Even though most tasks are repetitive, some nuances in variables especially during the month end and year end - he was able to identify and follow through with little or no direction. I appreciate all the help, this frees up my time to do other things to build the business."

pic Malai Annamalai Managing Director @aKube Inc

Business Services Testimonial

I was able to use GetFriday’s excellent services to help me launch one of my websites. I was blown away by their professionalism and experience and this freed me to have more time to deal with the ins ands outs of my business rather than be swamped in the technical side of things. GetFriday’s knowledgable SEO services helped bring much needed attention to my new website. They helped bring issues to my attention that would have otherwise been ignored had it not been for their helpful and insightful team. Great work.
- Zack Hellman(Founder DJ Vibe)
I look at GetFriday as a trusted business partner and consider their employees an extension of our team. Over the years my effort has been to build repeatable processes around critical business functions and then hand them off to GetFriday. Thanks to the quality of the team that works with me on a daily basis, and also to the support I receive from their management, I have a high degree of confidence, which is substantiated by daily execution of work, that committed work will get done on time every time. I look forward to growing my association with GetFriday as we continue to build our business..
- Sandip Sarwate (Owner)
Get Friday is a superb one stop shop for outsourcing of many kinds. From basic tasks to SEO, this company will deliver ontime, everytime. I have used them for more than 8 years and am very happy
- Patrick Dine (CEO)
I have enjoyed getting Website services and PA services from GetFriday. They are professional and responsive. GetFriday has a broad array of capability and is good at matching the right person for the task you need completed.
- Mark Wells (Managing Partner)
I use Getfriday as an integral "cog" in my business. The tasks handed over to the Getfriday support team are not only instrumental in the profitability of my business, they are also the backbone of the systems deployed by my company. These tasks are of very high importance, and need to be carried out by an extremely competent team. Getfriday has continually proved to be a company I can rely upon to carry out the processes and tasks assigned to them, and I am extremely impressed with their professionalism, work ethic and talent.
- G K Kaushal (Forex business owner)
I have been using GetFriday for over 6 months and I honestly cannot remember how I did without them. I started of using them for personal tasks, but slowly gave more and more work related items. They are extremely efficient and have taken a weight of work off me. I no longer have to worry about routine tasks being performed and totally trust and rely on GetFriday for many of the day to day running tasks needed for my business. I would recommend them without hesitation and imagining that I will be using them for years to come.
- Dr Shara BA Cohen (Founder and Managing Director)
Get friday is a multi-skilled team of committed specialists who can help with a myriad of tasks, or in fact multi-tasking. I utiise them mostly for database entry and dictation typing, have found them useful for internet research, and I am only limited by my imagination in how to send them more work. Thoroughly recommend them.
- Christopher Young (Colorectal Surgeon)
GetFriday has been helping us with QA testing for several months and we have been very impressed with the speed of their responses as well as the high quality of work that we receive. The GetFriday team has been a valuable addition to our testing process and I would highly recommend them.
- Jacky Fain (Quality Assurance Coordinator)
GetFriday is an incredible asset for my growing business. They understand a wide variety of tasks, and perform timely with professional workmanship. My business is growing with their help. Thank you, GetFriday.
- Scott Smith (Contracts Manager)
I was really impressed by GetFriday’s website services. They have designed a trendy and professional website within just a few days and took care of absolutely everything from start to finish. They even took care of maximising my ranking on Google. Thanks guys
- Georges-Alexandre Rodrigue (Founder)
We have been very happy with the remote IT service from GetFriday. It is very reliable, efficient and cost effective. We continue to use their services and recommend it to other businesses too.
- - Mr. Christian Brodin.(President of National US Real Estate Management company)
As a new customer, I am extremely impressed with GetFriday. The final product they delivered was professional, easy to understand and met all requirements. Their customer service is fantastic! I will definitely be working with them in the future.
- Georges-Alexandre Rodrigue (Founder)
I'm working as a vocational photographer (freelancer) and offer “packages" of photography and web design to my customers. Offering such “packages" add value for my customers, mainly highly specialized owners of small and mid-sized companies.
However, my time and knowledge about web programming is limited. Getfriday services cover my demands for competence and flexible resource. My focus is on photography, which needs to be performed while physically present. For sophisticated web design I use Getfriday services.
Communication via mail and internet (Skype) works very well. We developed easy ways of communication, especially for the visualization of customer's wishes. With other words, Getfriday for me stands for competence and flexibility.
I'm looking forward to further increase of our business relationship, and will use the Getfriday services in parallel for office services in my main profession.
- Julian (CEO of an Australian start up)
I have used GetFriday's service for almost four years now for multiple businesses, personal tasks, and developing new projects.
I have come to rely on GetFriday's accounting team every year now to reconcile my books and update my quickbook files to prep for tax season. In addition to monitoring my emails, researching projects, and general support, I can count on Simbu and his other team of assistants to come through every time.
It's a relief knowing there is a human being on my tasks and not an automated service or computer program. These guys work great, they think on their feet, and resolve problems even better than I would sometimes.
I highly recommend to anyone looking into outsourcing their tasks to check out GetFriday's team and give it a try.
- Sergio Paez (Story Supervisor)
I have worked with GetFriday for more than 3 years. When I first hired a GetFriday personal assistant part-time, I was working as a Sales Rep and needed someone to help me with research and list building. Over time, I outsourced more and more of my work to GetFriday in order to free up more time for myself. One day, it occurred to me that I could scale the operation so that, rather than remaining an employee of one company, I could turn this into a business and serve multiple customers. GetFriday worked with me to define an optimized process and I turned my attention to finding new clients. Today, I have four customers and am successfully outsourcing around 70% of the overall workload to GetFriday. They have succeeded at taking on my complex business process.
We’ve been integrating Get Friday’s services into our daily operations for almost a year now and the results have been better than expected. The key, we found, was to adjust our procedures to match their process dependent model. They communicate well on Skype and, even half way around the world, mesh well with our team. Get Friday has also been great about taking on one-off tasks, when we need the help, as well as routine, daily operational duties.
- Daniel Relich (VP of E-Commerce)
We have been using Getfriday for 4 years now for many of our business tasks. They have been taking care of our day to day operations such as phone support to our students about courses, updating our timetables for courses using our backend portal and promotional activities such as posting course information in websites. This has made it easier for us to run our business. I like the idea of having an offshore team involved just to spread the risks, in case staff leave or other problems arise at our local office. The team at Getfriday is now very much an integral part of our company!
- Ken (Newzealand)
The Getfriday Tech team showed exceptional professionalism and knowledge in designing my website. The Team was incredibly friendly and easy to work with and always addressed my questions in a fast and knowledgeable way. The results of their efforts were even more than I had hoped. I would never use anyone else for my website needs!
- Bernd Schiffer)
We have been using Getfriday for 4 years now for many of our business tasks. They have been taking care of our day to day operations such as phone support to our students about courses, updating our timetables for courses using our backend portal and promotional activities such as posting course information in websites. This has made it easier for us to run our business. I like the idea of having an offshore team involved just to spread the risks, in case staff leave or other problems arise at our local office. The team at Getfriday is now very much an integral part of our company!
- Kevin I. Flotte
As a CEO of a startup organization in a competitive industry I often find myself balancing many competing priorities which are sometimes difficult to juggle. The team at Get Friday have helped me enormously in effectively managing the demands running a growing business - effectively freeing up my time to work 'on the business' rather than 'in the business'. They have helped me on numerous projects including research, document development and general administrative tasks. Their pricing structure suits my current needs and the quality of output is excellent.
- Julian (CEO of an Australian start up)
I have used Get Friday’s services for several years to help me with the bookkeeping of both my business and am extremely happy with the results. It saves me numerous hours a month and gives me time to work on my business and spend time with my family. As a small business owner without my own bookkeeper or accounting department, Get Friday made it possible and affordable for me to delegate this aspect of my business to a reliable and competent team. Lokesh, the team leader on my account, has always been very responsive to all of my tasks and requests, letting me know when they will be finished and if there is any more information he needs from me to accomplish the task. The fact that they are able to work during what is my nighttime hours is a plus for me. He can login to my computer and handle all my Quickbooks data entry and reconciliation at night so when I wake up in the morning my computer is free and I’m able to review the work and continue with my own. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
- Daniel Cukierman (Business Owner)
As Senior Quality Manager in packaging industry, handling and analysis of data is a part of my daily work. Increased demand lead to improved possibilities through changes in our system, resulting in significantly increased workload. Based on good experience with GetFriday services in my side business (photography – image processing – web design as freelancer), I decided to use GetFriday competences and flexibility in my main business as well to outsource
  • The development of analytical/statistical tools
  • The maintenance of data files
  • The routine analysis and creation of presentable results in Power Point
The quality of the performed development and regular data analysis is very important as the results may lead to investments for corrective actions. The results delivered from GetFriday are reliable and of very good quality. The communication and follow up is easy due to sustainable contacts. Competence and flexibility of my contacts allow me to work on my key areas in my business, and to think about further business improvement. I’ll therefore further increase the business with GetFriday.
- Joachim (Senior Quality Manager)

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