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It usually will take 1 (one) business day to assign a suitable assistant after you complete the signup process. In the event that you want to select someone on your own after talking to a few of our assistants, then it would take a little more time.

On signup, we will be sharing your details to our team lead (supervisor) in the specific time zone you belong to. Remember, we operate through 4 time zones to provide global coverage. The lead will study your brief and match your requirement with a qualified assistant who can be the best fit for your tasks. Once that is done, we will send you the introduction email with your virtual personal assistant’s details.

We have an internal mechanism to choose and allot the assistant who would best fit your needs. But if you would like to talk to your assistant or choose one after interviewing a couple of them, that can be arranged. It just would mean more time to spare before you get started.

No, we don’t exactly offer a free trial. But we offer a wide range of plans right from PAYG (Pay As You Go) to a 160-hour plan. We encourage people to sign up for a smaller plan to try out our service before settling for a monthly subscription plan. On the business support side, If you have any processes that you want us to assist with and are unsure of the hours of support you would require, then you could opt for a Task-Based Plan (TBP) wherein you can purchase a small block of hours (ex: 5 or 10) at a specified rate. Upon completion of the purchased hours, if you are happy with the service then you can choose to go for a monthly subscription plan based on the volume of support required per month or the size of the project.

Yes, you would need to provide your credit card details during the sign up process because we work on a prepaid basis. Our invoices are generated at the start of every month based on the plan you have subscribed to and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

There is no minimum lock-in period for our monthly plans and people are free to get in, get out, upgrade or downgrade. That’s the flexibility that GetFriday offers you. However, since we need to manage our resource planning and reallocate people, all changes including cancellation would require a 30-day notice period. However our task based / project based plans may have different conditions attached to it.

Our office is located in Bangalore (India). No, we don’t have physical offices in other parts of the world. We serve clients virtually and that is our strength. Our office in Bangalore is well equipped with modern infrastructure and security measures to ensure safety of your information. We are also an ISO 27001 certified company so your data is in safe hands.

Usage can be tracked periodically on our online customer portal. Upon completion of the sign up process, you will be provided with necessary login credentials to access the online portal. The online portal gives access to a dashboard that contains the lists of tasks outsourced till date and its respective time logs. If required, your assistant can also provide you the usage details on a daily/weekly/fortnightly basis.

You can reach your assistant through Mail/Chat/Skype/Phone, whatever you are comfortable with. Our assistants are available on any of these communication platforms. 80% of our clients prefer sending their tasks over email or chat.

We accept most International credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. In addition, we also accept Paypal as a payment method. Since most payments are on a recurring basis, you would need to enter the information of your preferred payment method in our online customer portal.

You are buying ‘X’ hours of task support with your virtual assistant when you subscribe to a monthly plan. Those hours could be used for different kinds of tasks depending on your needs. Only tasks that require specialised skills such as accounting, web design, digital marketing, content creation or market research may be charged at a higher differential price per hour because they are handled by a team of specialists and not your regular VA.

Yes, your membership can be used or shared by others who are approved by you. This means your entire family can use a single membership plan to handle different kinds of things for different members of your family. Similarly, a small business, startup or small office can utilise a single business plan that can be used by multiple approved members of your team. This makes life simple for you. A member who is less than 18 years of age cannot use our service, though.

Yes, we promise you the number of subscribed hours of support with your VA, each month. But your assistant would also be working with other clients. And in some cases, either because it is more efficient or for reasons of specific skills certain tasks may also be handled by other members of the team. But, your primary VA will always be responsible for the quality of work that is assigned to him/her and he or she will get your job done.

A full time assistant would be allotted if you subscribe to a 160 hour plan per month. But even in that case, they may handle more than one client to optimise the time for you because your assistant may not be equipped to handle every kind of task. Some of it may require teamwork and some of it may require certain skills that your assistant may not be an expert at. Dedicated assistant services are a different category and it is generally not recommended to our clients, though we may provide it on request (custom pricing). The very strength of our service lies in making available a wide range of general administrative skills even as we insulate you from the risk of depending on one single person.

You are getting the benefit of a team with the ease of having to deal with only your primary VA who is an individual. So you are actually getting access to the entire GetFriday team through the individual assistant. That doesn’t mean that your data and info is available to everyone. GetFriday follows a policy of providing access to information strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Yes, you can if you are subscribing to a plan that is more than 160 hours a month or you could subscribe to two different plans for different purposes and they could be anchored by different assistants, sometimes on two different time zones as well.

A VA who is assigned to you is your single point of contact for all your tasks. The VA will be capable of handling all kinds of routine administrative tasks whether personal or business. But if there are tasks that require special skills like bookkeeping, web design, digital marketing, content writing then such tasks are sent to specialists who are part of GetFriday. They may not be part of the same team, but they will coordinate with your assistant and get the job done.

If there is enough ongoing work that only requires special skills then we will assign you directly to a specialist team within GetFriday.

You can get in touch with your assistant either through our toll free lines in US, UK and Australia and other modes. But if you need a dedicated phone line with GetFriday for incoming and outgoing calls for certain business purposes, we could organize that at a small monthly fee.

We do not specialise in cold calling services and we are not a pure play marketing services company. So we generally do not accept clients who come to us only for these services.

Of course, there are services which we may not be able to handle and we are quite open and transparent about it. For reasons other than skill or resource unavailability, we would politely decline tasks that are 1) Illegal, either in your country or ours 2) Unethical 3) Uncomfortable to our staff given the cultural context we work in. If we can’t handle something, we will be honest with you.

Our teams are tagged to different time zones. So for instance, if you are from the US, then you will be tagged to a US time zone team (PST/EST). And all the members of that team will work to your calendar which means they will be available during your working days and will not be working on US holidays. However, for urgent tasks on holidays you could still use the services of our standby teams to send in work. We are available 24/7, though your assistant would only be available during your time zone on all business days.

Sure. You can find details about our referral policy here - Refer a Friend

GetFriday is a pioneer and one of the oldest organized VA service providers, having been in this business since 2005. Our service levels combined with flexibility and availability of different services under a single roof make us a very economical, but attractive proposition. Our unique system of secondary assistants backing up your primary one ensures continuity of service on sick days or even if an assistant quits. And of course, last but not the least you can be assured that your information and data is safe with us. We are an ISO 27001 certified company.

Both are monthly plans that allow you to use a specified number of hours of assistance every month. The only difference is that Basic Plans do not have roll over of any unused hours for the month, while the Plus Plans allow roll over of unused hours subject to certain limits.

You can request for a cancellation of service with your VA or their supervisor directly. Or you can email our Billing team with your cancellation request. All requests will be taken from the date of receipt of request. Notice period or any other cancellation terms will be applicable as per policy.

Yes, you can. But please remember that any changes to the plan including cancellation have a notice period. This time is needed to reallocate our resources to other productive work.

We understand that businesses go through their ups and downs. In lean periods, it is best to downgrade your plan to a smaller one till your business recovers. There is the B-5 Plan and the PAYG plan which are really affordable plans and can keep your membership active. It would let you continue with us till your business bounces back. In special circumstances we may put memberships on hold for not more than a month.

All plan usage is computed from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. So when someone signs up for a plan in the middle of the month, then for the first month pro-rata hours are allocated based on the days available until the end of the month. Ex. If you have signed up for the B-20 plan that provides for 20 hours per month on the 15th of the month then you can use 10 hours in the first month on a pro rata basis and you will also be charged only 50% of the plan charges for the first month.

The notice period for any Plan Change or Cancellation is 30 days.

Certain Monthly membership plans (Plus Plans - P40, P60, P80, P160) come with a rollover option. This means that any unused hours upto a limit of 20% of your monthly hours can be carried forward to the next month. This is helpful because usage is not expected to be uniform and exact, especially with higher plans. The rollover mechanism happens automatically and you don’t need to remind us or do anything.

Plus Plans come with a higher number of allotted hours per month. Higher plans come with a bigger monthly payment commitment. Usage can sometimes fluctuate resulting in unused hours and hence we have given this benefit to our customers. With smaller plans, the number of allotted hours are smaller and hence it is not feasible to provide rollover.

Monthly Plans provide you with a fixed number of hours of assistance with your VA on a continuing basis, whereas Task Based Plan memberships are usually based on a single project or task. With a TBP plan you may not be assigned a specific VA and the assignment ends once the project or task is completed.

Yes, we have different currency plans for different geographies. The default plan is USD for all international clients with the exception of two geographies. European Clients are charged as per EURO plan and clients in Australia / NZ are charged as per the AUD plan. Determination of plan is done on the basis of your Billing Address.

There is no limitation on the number of hours you can use in a week as long as it is within your monthly plan limit. However, if every client wants to use their entire plan hours in the last week of the month then obviously it would inundate your assistant with too much to handle in too little time. Hence space out your tasks and try to spread them out as optimally as feasible.

Yes, you will be billed automatically on or before the 5th of each month in advance based on your monthly plan. Any adjustments towards roll over hours (if applicable) and extra usage will be done during the billing cycle.

If you are on a Plus Plan (Monthly) then you are eligible for rollover subject to the limits specified in the pricing tariff. For details, go here https://www.getfriday.com/personal/pricing-plans

Yes, of course. GetFriday allows you to use additional hours apart from those credited as per your plan. The rate per hour is incrementally higher for additional hours.

If prior notice is provided then we can put your plan on hold temporarily till you are back from your vacation. But such stoppages can be only for short periods of time not exceeding a month.

If you are on a Monthly Plan, then you can automatically use additional hours beyond your plan at incrementally higher rates as per need. With TBP membership you can purchase additional hours after getting in touch with your VA. With TBP your purchased hours are for a specific project and it cannot be interchangeably used for anything.

Yes, monthly invoices are sent to every client from our Billing Team and it can also be accessed at our Online Customer Portal.

Our refund policy can be found here https://www.getfriday.com/refund-policy

The hourly rate differs based on the complexity of task details. We will do a feasibility check and then relay the hourly charges.

Yes, you can adjust the monthly hours towards the specialist tasks, the hourly rates will be adjusted as per specialist task price quoted before start of the project. However if the project is taking longer hours to complete,We advise you to take up a specialist TBP membership.

Yes, it is advisable to have a different account if the projects under the specialist tasks are ongoing and take longer durations to complete. By doing so you will be given a dedicated specialist assistant helping you with timely updates and also having direct communication with you.

Our specialist charges start from $18 per hour, however the final prices will be communicated back to you after checking the details of your project requirement.

Yes, the payments for Task Based Projects that are time bound can be based on milestones. Usually we work on part advance at commencement and part before completion of the project and handover.

If you are not satisfied with the work or not happy with your assistant, you can escalate the matter to us by sending us an email to a specified email address. Our team lead (supervisor), the quality team and the relationship team will look into the matter and take corrective action after getting in touch with you. But if you have already decided that you need a change, then just send in a request via email to your team lead or the Billing team and we will do the needful.

If you are not satisfied with the work done, you can request for a rework on it and we will be happy to rectify any errors or issues with the work. For project based work, we normally work on milestones and sometimes even do a pilot to ascertain expectations and communicate challenges. So if you are unhappy with the work, you can let us know upfront. In the event of a dispute regarding the quality of work, our Quality team will assess and recommend if a refund needs to be made. No liability or costs can be borne for perceived losses on account of the delay or quality of work.

Each team is guided by a team lead that has an overview of all the work and is also the first person to talk to if you have anything to escalate. If a complaint is not resolved within a reasonable time frame, you can seek recourse by escalating the issue to our Quality Department who will get it resolved as per our escalation matrix. Team lead - 1 day, so if resolution given is not happy then it moves to quality team Quality - 2-3 days, to analyze the situation and still the client is unhappy , then it goes to Manager Level. Manager-2-3 days, to come for a conclusion from the time this is passed from a quality team.

You can always send an email with your concern to the supervisor at the designated email that will be shared with you post signup. The supervisor will connect with you directly or intimate our Quality / Client Relationship to analyse and resolve the issue. You can also call our support line and leave a message for the concerned supervisor to give a call back. We refer to our Supervisors as Leads.

We are an ISO 27001 certified company (Information Security Standard) that takes utmost care about the safety and security of your information. We provide our staff access to your information strictly on a need to know basis. All sensitive and personally identifiable information is stored in encrypted form and handled according to the ISO standards on data protection.

Yes. We can sign a standard NDA at the time of sign up before we start handling your tasks or data. Please get in touch with our Billing team for this.

Sure that can be worked out. But ensuring adequate measures of online safety and security of your data, networks will be your responsibility. Further, in such cases where the work is directly undertaken in your IT environment we may not be in a position to check on the quality of work or do any kind of audit from our side.

Yes. All our assistants are trained on safety measures and protocols with respect to handling passwords. All our staff sign stringent data protection and non-disclosure contracts to ensure safety of our client data.

Yes. If you would like your assistant to handle business email or official communication on your behalf then you could delegate access to your email account. Currently client signs an additional document confirming their consent so that we can login to their account and handle email communication. However there is also a feature called “Delegate” which will not work as you cannot delegate outside of the enterprise tenant.

Normally credit card information is stored in encrypted form and is not available to your assistant. Even when you request for any purchase to be done by your assistant on your behalf, your assistant is permitted to proceed only till the shopping cart and then we go through a process of credit card authorization which we refer to as ‘the safe access protocol’. A request is placed for access by the team lead (supervisor) and authorized by a Manager. The authorizing manager only approves but has no access to the information. The team lead gets access to the decrypted card information for only 5 minutes to complete the transaction for the purpose requested. Every request and its purpose, approval authorization and access is logged into our system. Every assistant, team lead and the Manager is aware of the safety protocols to be followed and it is not difficult to track back if there is any misuse at any point of time. Nevertheless, we recommend clients who possibly request their assistants to make frequent purchases online on their behalf to set credit limits or go with a card with limited liability. We haven’t had a case of misuse in the last 15 years.

You can update your credit card information on our Customer Portal which you will have access to once you are a customer. All card information is stored safely in encrypted form and we are both PCI compliant and ISO 27000 certified for information security. You can access this feature under the billing section.

Your personal information is very safe and secure with us. We follow a stringent policy of providing access to information on a ‘need to know’ basis only. All personally identifiable information (PII) is stored in encrypted form on our CRM system and we follow the ISO standards with respect to storage, handling, retrieval and purging of data. While our assistants do handle a lot of purchases and payments on behalf of their clients using the client’s credit card, we follow a safe access protocol that ensures traceability and safety of transactions. The only thing we strongly discourage clients from providing access to, is your bank account. No matter what the circumstances it is not a good idea to give your bank account / paypal account access to your assistant unless it is a view only or reports only access.

Yes, we do have a lot of clients asking our assistants to manage their social media accounts. We do handle it but remember that if there is a possibility to give a non account owner access / admin access then you should do that. And if you can’t do that, always retain an option to retrieve your account back through a password change or a two factor authentication, just in case something goes wrong. Prior permission from our internal IT team is required.

All our assistants are graduates in different disciplines from Indian universities / colleges. We hire people based on a thorough evaluation of their aptitude and communication skills. Once they are hired, they go through a minimum of 1 month to a max of 3 months rigorous training on various skills relevant to virtual assistance. Some may come with prior work experience in different industries. We love diversity.

We do a background check as per Indian laws with every assistant we hire. We also have stringent contractual terms as part of our engagement contract with respect to confidentiality, privacy and information security of our clients. So you are in safe hands.

Unfortunately no! All our assistants are only equipped to handle tasks in the English language. Though they are not native English speakers they have reasonable proficiency in English to understand your needs and to be understood. Any language other than English is out of bounds at this juncture.

GetFriday has a unique system where every client can send their tasks to a single assigned email address which will automatically route it to the right assistant. This is done through our CRM system which maps every client to a primary VA. So you don’t need to remember individual email addresses. Every information of yours is restricted to your assistant and anyone else who needs to know only. No one else has access to it.

GetFriday provides organized virtual assistance in a manner that ensures seamless services even on sick days. Every client is assigned a backup assistant too who will shadow the primary VA to understand your tasks and ensure continuity of service. You will also be largely unaffected even if a VA quits due to any personal reasons or moves to other job opportunities. We make sure you are served no matter what.

While we allow multiple modes of communication including Google Chat, Skype, phone, email etc, we do not allow Whatsapp because it is one-to-one and encrypted. Since it allows no scope for any kind of periodic audit or investigations in the event a customer faces any issues with our assistant, it is disallowed. It is a measure taken to safeguard our customers.

You may get it if you are lucky. But we hire people from diverse backgrounds and it may not always be feasible. If your tasks are specialized and require industry specific exposure or skills, then we will certainly try to assign a suitable assistant or we may train someone for it.

All our VAs are trained on office productivity tools like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Chat, Email, Web Search, Calendar Management etc. In addition they undergo some rigorous practical training on Responsiveness, Customer Service Attitude and Cultural Sensitivity before they are inducted into the work.

No! At GetFriday we try to create a knowledge base for each client in our CRM system and also have a backup assistant shadows the primary assistant from time to time. This apart, every supervisor (team lead) keeps abreast of the work that their team members handle on behalf of clients. So the transition would be much simpler than starting from scratch. And you won’t be expending any further costs for training your new assistant. However, it is important to remember that every new assistant needs some time to adapt, just like any new employee.

You may, if you choose to provide a special reward or incentive to your assistant, inform the Billing team or the Team Lead (Supervisor) and we will facilitate it in the monthly billing. In some cases the reward may be shared between members of the team because your work is being shared and not being done only by your assistant.

Not required. GetFriday has an elaborate CRM system where you need to just mail all your tasks to a single email and it will automatically get routed to your assistant. This is done to remove dependency on a single individual and it also allows audit for quality purposes. In the event, your assistant is on leave, the task automatically is picked by the backup assistant or the team lead (supervisor). However, if you would like your assistant to handle email management for your company and officially represent you then you may need to create an email and share it.

An assistant quitting for any reason is a distinct possibility. That is why GetFriday has a system of backup assistants and the team supervisor also being generally aware of your tasks. We also have a confidential knowledge base in our CRM accessible only on a need to know basis. This helps us transition you to a different assistant with very less hassle. Nevertheless, a little training and time may be spent in developing a relationship with the new assistant.

We officially use Google Chat to communicate with our clients. But we are not restricted by it and can use Skype or other collaboration tools like Slack, Asana if access is provided to the assistant by the Client.

A normal amount of calls on your behalf can be handled within the plan. However if the calls are frequently to high cost countries like some in the Middle East or if your call volumes exceed a certain limit then we may request you for a separate calling plan subscription or levy extra charges. All such charges can be easily added to your plan and billed along with your monthly subscription.

When your assistant is on planned leave, you will be notified in advance via email. If your assistant has reported sick then your backup assistant or the team lead (supervisor) will notify you.

The maximum time for acknowledging a task request received within the business hours by your assistant on a working day is 2 hours. The acknowledgement is expected to have a plan of action or request for any clarifications and timelines to complete the task, if the task requires so.

No! We do not provide services in languages other than English at this point of time.

Every client is assigned a backup assistant too who will shadow your primary assistant to understand your tasks and ensure continuity of service. We make sure you are served no matter what.

It is easy to get carried away thinking that your assistant will be able to handle any / every kind of task. While they are trained to handle all kinds of administrative and routine tasks, things like digital marketing, content writing, SEO, web design, bookkeeping etc. require special skills which they may not possess. Hence it is better to assign such work to the specialist teams at GetFriday to ensure quality and timely service.

Your assistant will be available during your allotted time zone (EST, PST, Euro, Far East) and they can sometimes extend a bit on request to handle urgent matters. But they normally stick to their time zone shift and would complete any unfinished work the next day. In the event of emergency tasks or tasks that have a stiff deadline, the task may also be done by an assistant in a different time zone, completed and then handed back to your assistant.


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