Frequently Asked Questions


Usage can be tracked instantly with our website online. Upon completion of the sign up process, you will be provided with necessary login credentials to access your online portal. The online portal gives access to a dashboard that contains the lists of tasks outsourced till date and its respective time logs. If required, your assistant can also provide you the usage details on a daily/weekly/fortnightly basis.
You can reach your assistant (as you are comfortable with) through Mail/Chat/Skype/Phone. Our assistants are available for all these communication method.
Yes, you can limit the hours for the tasks. In case, if the task is complicated or not feasible to accomplish within the set hours, your assistant will keep you informed about the complexities and reasons. You can review it and provide alternative options or extend the hours.
Yes, if you may require your assistant will provide you hourly updates through the medium you are most comfortable with.
Yes, you can avail the additional hours to complete your tasks for the month. The cost for additional time consumed is slightly different. You can check the additional hourly rate at link
We are Bangalore (India) based VA company. We have a physical office with all the modern time security and IT functionality. All assistants are our permanent employees and they do operate from our office only. No assistant is a freelancer.


It will take 1 business day to assign you a suitable assistant after you complete the Sign-Up process.
We will send your details to the team leads and then team leads will match your requirements with the qualified assistant who can perform your tasks most efficiently. Once the team lead confirm about the assistant who best fits for your requirement, we will send you the introduction email with your virtual personal assistant’s details. If you like, you can also interview the assistant before assigning your tasks to that virtual PA.
You will have a single point of contact. Your assistant will coordinate with different assistants to complete your task in time and contact you for all the task related work. However, there might be some instances where your primary assistant is not available due to some personal reason, for that we will provide you back-up who will take care of tasks to cover up your assistant’s absence.
Yes, you can easily change your assistant. Just drop a mail to with the appropriate subject and reason. We will take care of all your requests immediately.
Unfortunately no, all your assistants are well versed with English language but to help you in any other language apart from English would be very difficult for the assistant.
Once your requirements are discussed and you approve our proposal you can register to our service. Our sales team will assist you till you get a suitable assistant with a proper backup team.
Yes, we understand the importance of the trial period. It will help both of us to arrive to common understandings. So, we will provide you 7 business days of trial period. If you are not happy with the service and decide to cancel the service within the trial period you need not to pay us for any of the work done. If you continue then you are required to pay from Day One. Please note, depending on your business requirements we can also come up with a unique, customized trial period.
All our assistants are graduates. Most of the assistants in Small Business Team have management degrees.
Yes, you can interview assistants. Once our operations department and sales department finalize assistants for your business you will be intimated about it. We will send you assistant’s profile. Then with your appointment we will schedule the interviews.

Quality/ Escalation/ Confidentiality

We try our best to provide top notch services. However there might be some rare occasions where the work done by us will not satisfy your expectations. In such cases, you can escalate the issue to our quality team at
To maintain highest levels of quality, we have an internal quality team. This team is specifically set up for ensuring the quality of the work done by the assistant. They analyze the work done by the assistant threadbare and ensure that we meet stringent quality measures. They assist in the following:
  • Monitoring the work done the assistant
  • Providing feedback to assistant
  • Communicating with clients to solve grey areas, if any
  • Doing a comprehensive analysis and suggesting AOI to the assistant
We employ stringent measures to protect your data. We do not sell your personal information to any third party marketers. Hence you can be assured about the safety of your personal information. At no point will we ask your social security number for signing up for our services. If anyone from GetFriday asks for this information, you can surely bring it to our notice. We use 128 bit SSL encryption to secure your transactions online. Apart from the aforementioned measures, we also have the following measures:
  • Password protected servers with limited access
  • Credit card information limited to supervisory personnel only
  • Background checks before hiring the assistants
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • No external storage devices
  • Screening of employees
  • Hack proof servers
  • No Work from Home option

Pricing/ Billing/ Plan Change

You need to sign up at our website for using our trial period. Hence you need to provide your credit card details during sign up.
Your billing cycle would be from 1st of the month till the last day of that month. You can also purchase additional hours every month based on your estimated usage. Hence you will receive an invoice at the end of every month. For the joining month, you will be charged on pro-rata basis. That means if you opt for B-20 plan on 15th of any month, then for that month you will be charge only for 10 hours and you will also allotted 10 hours for the 1st month as half month has already passed.
We currently have only credit card payment option for monthly plans. You can enter the card details during sign up. However, if you have only one task or project to be completed, we can send you an PayPal invoice through which you can pay in advance for your task based project.
As per our existing procedure, you will be assigned one assistant once you sign up. However if you need more than one assistant, we will customize our plans for you. Hence please do send an email to us at We will then touch base with you in this regard.
We do understand that the assistant needs to be trained on certain aspects / processes of your business. Hence we do not charge you for most of the cases. But if you wish to train the assistant for more than 1 hour, we will charge you.
Notice Period: If you wish to cancel / change your plan after the trial period, you need to give a notice of 30 days. However a notice period is not required during the trial period. Procedure: If you wish to cancel / change plan / want a different assistant, you can send an email to your assistant’s supervisor at Or else you can send an email to us at We will then contact you immediately to do the necessary changes.
Yes, as an alternate option you can simply take a photograph of the membership form, and email the same to Also, if you do not have access to printer, please notify the client relation’s team at, and they will get send you digital version of form where you can sign it digitally.
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