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I was introduced to GetFriday through Tim Ferriss' book, 'The Four-HourWork Week'. I admit, I was a bit skeptical going in but decided to take the leap of faith anyway. Thankfully, it paid off! These guys are incredibly efficient! What might have taken me days to complete, they did in hours!Kudos to my very efficient assistant, Nisha, who handled all my work professionally, effortlessly and unfailingly delivered top-notch work.

Gopi Kallayil,

Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google.

To develop our worldwide business of Glice synthetic ice skating rinks, I need very fast and reliable assistance. Since almost the beginning of the foundation of my company Glice, I’m working successfully with GetFriday and this has been very valuable. My assistant at GetFriday did an incredible job helping me out and saving me a lot of time I can use getting more things done or develop the next big idea.

Viktor Meier

Head, International Business Development


it's been my utmost pleasure to be associated with the Get Friday team . They show the highest level of professionalism , courtesy , back up service , trouble shooting and most importantly they treat their clients with dignity and grace . In a world that is technologically moving at a rapid rate I rely on Get Friday to keep me at the top of my game in relation to a continued online presence and general administration . It's been a wonderful association and I look forward to many more years of continued service with the Get Friday team.

Gerard John

CEO / Founder FlyingKiteStudios.com


Getfriday has provided me with tremendously sharp assistants that supported me in my travels oversees or arrangements locally.


I have been using GetFriday for months to help me get my affairs in order to launch my business. I have had a great experience and can't wait to use them full time. My main assistant, Sandhya has been amazing - she helps me with research, quotes and social media content - communicating with potential suppliers and efficiently reverting to myself for further action. She is so personable, approachable and learns quickly - I wish I could keep her by my side at all times! She's much more efficient than I am. She completes tasks quickly and follows up beyond my expectations - which helps me work quicker too! All staff at GetFridays have been so helpful and are the most polite and professional people I have dealt with.

Alannah Browne

Business Development Officer

I have used Get Friday on and off for several years now for varied tasks like checking best travel options, summarising the best computers on the market for me to purchase, performing market research into potential service providers to support my business and technical website and systems support (including writing and testing macros and configuring upload files). Get Friday has alleviated some stress and been helpful in supporting me to deliver various activities. I will continue using Get Friday and looking for more ways to continue to delegate tasks to free up time for me.

Mike Charter


I have used GetFriday's service for almost five years now for multiple businesses, personal tasks, and developing new projects. I have come to rely on GetFriday's accounting team every year now to reconcile my books and update my QuickBooks files to prep for tax season. In addition to monitoring my emails, researching projects, and general support, I can count on Simbu and his other team of assistants to come through every time. It's a relief knowing there is a human being on my tasks and not an automated service or computer program. These guys work great, they think on their feet, and resolve problems even better than I would sometimes. I highly recommend to anyone looking into outsourcing their tasks to check out Get Friday's team and give it a try.

Sergio Paez



I first heard about GetFriday when I read the Four Hour Work-Week by Tim Ferriss back in 2007. That book was a bestseller in my bookstore, Bookophilia, but at the time, the concept of working from anywhere and using a "virtual assistant" was quite new, and I couldn't have pictured that a few years later I would actually become a client.

When I moved to London in 2014, I decided to start a new business, Go Global Art, but so I didn't have my usual network in Jamaica to call on. GetFriday was an absolute lifesaver. They quickly grasped the tasks that I described and offered a very cost effective quote - even for someone on a shoestring startup budget! The most impressive part about their business is how professional, pleasant and polite the staff is in their interactions with the client. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and this was clear in every interaction with the team. When a query arose, they quickly organised a conference call with senior staff to resolve it and deliver by the agreed deadline.


GetFriday conducted quality research relating to a global network of art galleries. This was instrumental in helping us to start up the business, and we are still using this database today to grow our network of emerging artists and gallery partners. I would certainly use Getfriday in the future, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other startups or even as a staffing solution for mature businesses - as they deliver on time, within budget, and go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with the end result.

Andrea Dempster- Chung

Founder, Go Global Art

I cannot start the day without GetFriday. They are my secretary, personal trainer and research assistant rolled into one... but much cheaper and more motivated than UK staff



Asha and her team provided an excellent and highly professional service. Our requests were met promptly and the quality of work was impressive

Managing Director, Zaebra Consulting Ltd


I LOVE IT!!! Great job. You guys are naturals.



Perfect. Thank you. You are getting too good at this.



Educational research for his 8-year-old son.

An excellent, value-for-money service. Thoroughly recommended.

Andrew Miles


This is a great service. I really recommend you try it. If it involves telephoning or a computer, GetFriday can probably do it as well as someone in the next room. So why pay for it in England, if you can get it done in India for a fraction of the price?

Michael Barrett


I hired Your Man in India for a bold experiment. The experiment was quite successful.

A.J. Jacobs

Editor-at-large, Esquire Magazine.

I have been using GetFriday for almost 6 months now and I’m very happy about the services they provide. They are great at communicating, kind and caring and put a smile on my face.

GetFriday gives me the feeling that they are part of my company and the quality of service is excellent. They are quick to learn and always take care of assignments with a smile.

I can warmly recommend GetFriday to anyone who needs personal assistant services

Yan Knudtskov

Owner, Yan&Co


Get Friday has been a great support at the time of Brexit, a time of financial uncertainty for England. It is hard to tell if it is Brexit, or just the usual Summer quiet spell, but there has been an underlying sense of procrastination with recruitment needs at the moment which has meant that as an experienced recruiter you have to realise when to cut back on expenses and also focus on other matters of the business that you may not have the time to do curing high season. Get Friday have provided the flexibility for me as a small business to do this, we have cut back on hours for a month or so without being rigorously held to the terms of my contract notice and also provided great support on working on the company website. As ever, I can rely on Great Friday to be there for me

Katie Green

Consultant at Palms Resourcing

I am happy to say what a wonderful service I have found Get Friday to be. My Virtual Assistant Jaya has been so helpful in researching material for me and building up my business profile through LinkedIn and on Twitter.I would strongly recommend the services of Get Friday. One of the smartest moves I have made.

Paul D'Astoli

Principal of a large [1650] P-12 Catholic College

The VA's are a great help! Work is completed correctly in a timely manner. The biggest benefit is that they always communicate their timelines, questions, and other information proactively so we always know where our projects are at. My VA is very friendly and always earner to learn more. I would highly recommend.

Chris Loverde

CEO of Buy Direct LLC
Senior Foreclosure Specialist at Nationstar Mortgage LLC in Coppell, TX.

I have been with the guys at Get Friday for a few months now and I really like what they do. They are an asset to my business and their professionalism and focus on getting the job done in a great time frame is fantastic

Shane Thompson


GetFriday is an awesome and affordable VA service. I'm an individual that was looking for some organization in my life and found GetFriday to be the perfect fit for my busy lifestyle. They handled research I needed done, job searches, entries into my calendar for daily agendas, and handled small projects that I just didn't have the time to do. GetFriday is a wonderful choice for the individual or if you own a business, they can handle it all.

Jessica Mitchell

Senior Foreclosure Specialist at Nationstar Mortgage LLC in Coppell, TX.

AJ Jacobs

Author, Lecturer and Editor of Esquire magazine

Trey Lewellen

Owner, Trey Lewellen companies LLC

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