We Get All Your Personal Tasks Done For You In No Time!


At GetFriday, we can handle almost any task, business or personal, that doesn't require our physical presence. If it can be carried out over the internet, via email, fax, telephone, or chat, we can handle it.

Think of us as a regular assistant who is sitting in the next room. Anything that you would ask that assistant to do, we could probably handle. Except that the next room is in another country, so we can't handle anything physical. We can't get your daily cup of coffee, but we might be able to get someone else to deliver it to you.


Our virtual assistants specially cater to families and help off-load mundane family tasks, so that you can spend that much-needed time with your loved ones. Sounds unreal? Here’s what our virtual assistants can handle for you-

  • Looking For The Best Schools For Children
  • Arranging For Plumbers/Electricians
  • Booking Cars/Hotels/Dinner Reservations/Holidays
  • Event Planning
  • [+] More
  • Set Up Dry Cleaning Service
  • Ordering Home Appliances
  • Dietary Research
  • Making Household Payments
  • Formatting Family Pictures
  • Getting Parking Permits
  • Reservation For Birthday Party
  • Creating E-Cards For Friends/Relatives
  • [-] Less


Whether it is the 1st or the 100th time you're travelling, we know how stressful it can get. Trust our virtual assistants with all your travel-related work and focus on having a good time. We’ll do the rest.

  • Flight Research
  • Flight Booking
  • Itinerary Preparation
  • Booking Cars
  • [+] More
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Travel Accessories Research
  • Trip Planning
  • Finding The Unique Place To Travel
  • Travel Update
  • Airport To Hotel Travel Arrangements
  • [-] Less


We love to work with data and convert it, into something meaningful for you; into information, precisely! Leave all the data curation work to our dependable virtual assistants, while you focus on other aspects of life.

  • Data Entry
  • Formatting Docs - Excel, PPT, Docs
  • Translation
  • Transcription/Transcribing Voice Mail
  • [+] More
  • Converting Files To Different Formats
  • Generating Reports
  • Documenting Transactions
  • Moderating And Updating Blogs
  • Convert SMS Interactions To Pdf
  • [-] Less


Need help to look out for jobs? Or want to know what your competitor is upto? We take our research seriously and will come back to you with exactly what you were looking for. Try our virtual assistance services.

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Job Research
  • Seller Research
  • [+] More
  • Retailer Research
  • Supplier/Manufacturer Research
  • Medical Research
  • Property Research
  • IPR Research
  • Researching Address
  • Researching On Schools
  • Researching On Gardening Services
  • Author Profile Research
  • Contact Research
  • Culture Research
  • [-] Less


Why bother sifting through ceaseless emails when our virtual assistants can take care of that for you? Need to make folders? Regulate spam? Mark important messages? Our virtual assistants have done it all and they’ll gladly do it for you.

  • Check Emails & Reply Accordingly
  • Sending Emails To Contacts
  • Merge Contacts & Delete Duplicate Contacts
  • Drafting Emails
  • [+] More
  • Email Sorting
  • Unsubscribing Spam Emails
  • Email Clean-up & Removing Junk Mails
  • Put The Details In Excel Received Over An Email
  • Make Notes Of Emails And Remind Client
  • Finding Email Addresses
  • Email Campaigns
  • Export Contacts
  • [-] Less


Calendar management can be one of the most boring routine tasks and can surprisingly, take up a great deal of time. But why should you put in the efforts when our virtual personal assistants can do it for you?

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Calendar Entries
  • Calendar Updates
  • Social Calendars
  • [+] More
  • Itinerary Preparation
  • Message Details Of Calendar To Clients
  • [-] Less


Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do all your work for you when you can sit back and relax? Wish you had a secretary? Now you can, virtually! Our virtual assistants will pretty much handle everything for you, except physically get your coffee.

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Data Entry/Catalogue Entry
  • Calling On Clients Behalf
  • Translation
  • [+] More
  • Booking Cars/Flights
  • Creating Forms/Pdfs
  • Event Planning
  • Looking For Sponsors
  • Getting Parking Permits
  • Reservation For Birthday Party
  • Preparing Employee Verification Letter
  • Updating Quick Books
  • Updating Profiles In Networking Sites
  • Converting Files To Different Formats
  • Generating Reports
  • Preparing Invoices On Clients Behalf
  • Paying Phone Bills
  • Arranging Personal, Journals Etc.
  • Documenting Transactions
  • Creating Invitation, Meeting Drafts Etc.
  • Reminder Email To Client
  • Translation
  • Transcription/Transcribing Voice Mail
  • Calendar Management
  • [-] Less


Apart from the listed tasks we can help with many more tasks related to following categories and more..!!

  • Customer Relations Management
  • Follow Up
  • Home Assistance
  • Marketing Activities

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