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Which Plan to Choose?

New to Outsourcing? Not very sure about which plan to choose? Confused whether to choose a simple B-5 Plan or a high volume P-160 Plan for your tasks? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with all your doubts.

Just look out for these 4 things when you are deciding on which plan to choose:-

It’s you and only you who can decide about the core and non-core activities of your profession and business. Segregate the two and make a list of the activities, which do not require your attention and can be performed by anyone with some basic instructions.

You know the best about the volume of these non-core activities that you might you have to deal with in the next few months. Whether the task is about managing your calendar or booking flights for business trips- you can best estimate the volume of your task.

For example: a professional with simple calendar management tasks can opt for a B-5 Plan and get all the requirements completed within this time period only. But for a very busy executive with similar calendar management tasks, he/she may require 80 hours of work per month. That’s because the volume for the latter is far more complex and requires more time for completion.

Try spending some time analyzing and thinking about this; it will help you in getting more out of your remote executive assistant.

make a note of the time you are spending or as we say, wasting on non-core activities, which can be better utilized for strategizing and growing your business. It will help you calculate the plan hours you need.

if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, all your admin and backend tasks are being done with the help of a team. Making note of the team size and the time they are spending on these non-core activities will help you accurately determine the number of hours they are wasting on these activities per month.

Just organizing your work and keeping track of small things will help you accurately calculate the hours of work you want to outsource and in choosing a right plan for yourself.

If you are still not sure about which plan to choose, then start with a smaller plan to test the limits. We are very flexible with the selection of plans and you can upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime depending upon your requirements. Or, you can ask our expert by mailing us your requirements at and our experts will help you in an instant.

What to expect from a VA?

If you can provide all your tasks details clearly to the virtual assistant and given that all your tasks are doable, then surely you can expect that your virtual assistant will complete your tasks.
Assuming clear instructions and realistic deadlines have been set for the task, you can expect your Virtual PA to respond back to you on or before the given deadline. Interesting trivia for you - our Virtual PA’s have never missed a deadline.
To get all the tasks instructions clear and to be on the same page with all the expectations about the outcome of the tasks, your virtual assistant will ask you a lot of questions to clarify any doubts. This clarification process will decrease as you spend more time with your virtual assistant and an understanding will gradually develop between the two of you.
To understand the process of your business or nature of your tasks, your remote executive assistant may take more time then expected to complete them, but be sure as the time goes by, your understanding will increase as well as the productivity.
As already explained, initially due to lack of understanding of processes or nature of the tasks, Virtual PA’s may commit some mistakes. Please be patient at that time and provide feedback if you are looking for a long term relationship. Even the first task will be performed and delivered to the highest standards if proper feedback is provided. We guarantee you that our Virtual PA’s will improve and outperform all your expectations in the future.
You can be assured that if your business grows, your virtual administrative assistant will grow with you. Not just in terms of task, but also in terms of handling them. A virtual administrative assistant takes pride when their clients grow and their businesses improve because of them. It’s a combination of both professional and emotional connections with you.
As the virtual administrative assistant performs your tasks regularly, a sense of ease and confidence will creep in and the virtual administrative assistant will be able to perform your tasks at a faster pace and will be more productive in the future. Stay with your virtual assistant and look for a long term relationship if you really want to grow with this partnership.

What NOT to expect from a VA?

A virtual assistant is your assistant who will work as per your requirements. Don’t expect them to read your mind and perform the tasks as per your requirements if you have not clearly specified instructions for the same. Communicate with them properly and preferably via email to be on the same page regarding what you expect for the task.
Virtual Personal Assistants can surely help you with your admin or secretarial tasks or implementing your marketing strategy, but expecting a strategy for your business from them is a big mistake. Virtual Personal Assistants are not decision makers for your business, you are. Virtual Personal Assistants might have some experience with how you deal with your business and can help you with opinions from time to time. Do not expect them to have sharp business acumen and help you with some out-of-the-box solutions for your business.
You set up your business and you have the whole idea about its workings and the industry it functions in. Virtual assistants may work for all the aspects of your business but are not experts at a managerial level and expecting them to work as experts, is a mistake.

How to make relationship with VA more fruitful?

Working with a virtual assistant for the first time can seem and sound a little exasperating. But with the right sort of guidance and with defined expectations, working with a Virtual PA might be simpler than you think. What’s more, you can finally have that free time for yourself and have all your work done. If you have decided to go ahead with appointing a virtual assistant, here are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you get the most out your virtual assistant and to make your relationship more fruitful.

Once you have been allocated a virtual assistant, you need to begin by listing out what you’re expectations are and how you would like your virtual assistant to communicate with you. Define the best possible mode of communication; be it by email, telephone or through IM. Let your virtual assistant know what works for you and what doesn’t and during which periods of the day.

For instance, if you work a regular 9-5 job and are busy through the day, let your virtual assistant know that it is okay for him/her to contact you via email during this period and not by telephone. But if you are relatively free and are relaxed at home and you are getting your work done by a virtual assistant, you could possibly think of using the telephone or instant messenger for emergency situations. By keeping communication channels open, you will get your work done in a timely fashion and will also lessen any misunderstandings or miscommunication issues with your Virtual PA. This will help you have a better working relationship for the future.

When working with someone whom you have not had face-to-face interactions with, you have to make sure that your instructions are clearly understood and your tasks have been defined so as to not make any mistakes at a later stage. If you want perfect results from your virtual assistant, you will have to understand that your remote executive assistant is a ‘generalist’ and works with a wide number of tasks and has impeccable success rates with the tasks if the instructions have been clearly specified. Even if it something as basic as data entry, you will have to elucidate on how you would like it done. Maybe there’s a certain way you do it? Or would like to have it done? Instructions should be clear and listed out in a step-by-step fashion in an email right at the get-go. Don’t expect your remote executive assistant to have prior understanding of how you would have liked a certain task to be handled.

In order for a fruitful and a successful working relationship, giving and taking feedback is a must. Once you have assigned a task, get a little involved with how your virtual personal assistant is handling the task. Ask for samples; give your thoughts and feedback on what can be improved. If the work is done as per expectations, don’t forget to laud your virtual assistant’s efforts. Likewise, if you are allowing for some flexibility with how your work should be handled, you may very well be surprised with the kind of creativity that virtual assistants show these days. They may have had prior experience with handling a similar task to what you may have assigned them and may know how to handle a particular task. So, if they have something to say or are offering suggestions, keep your mind open and welcome fresh ideas.

Now that you know and understand how to have get the best out of your virtual assistant and have a more fruitful relationship with your remote executive assistant, get out there and get your tasks rolling. Just remember to follow these three important steps and you are good to go.

Getting ready to Outsource – 7 steps for outsourcing success

If you are planning to outsource your work to virtual PA’s, here are the 7 steps you need to follow to ensure instant outsourcing nirvana:

• The first step is to understand what your core business activity is. If you studied to be an economist, find out what are the activities that constitute the workings of an economist and list them out, so that you have a clear picture of what you may need to sift out to hand over to a Virtual PA.

List out the activities that you personally don’t want to focus on in your business, things you are not adept at, things that are repetitive/monotonous and things that are not exactly feasible for you to do. Maybe you are incurring heavy expenses for a particular activity and you don’t particularly enjoy doing it or don’t have the time to do it. Do you have an option? Yes. Outsourcing.

When you have decided to outsource, gather your thoughts, write down exactly what you want to outsource once the categorization of activities is done and begin by taking small steps into your outsourcing journey.

Don’t overload your Virtual PA with a million things to do right away. If you do overload your Virtual PA with work, there is a high possibility that you will not have effectively used your virtual assistant’s services, because the quality will be compromised on.

As soon as you have seen some success with the work that you have outsourced to your Virtual PA, you may go ahead and broaden your task horizons. Try out different tasks when they are ready to take some more work from you and when you are comfortable with the quality of work you are receiving.

Whenever you give your Virtual PA some work, make sure that they have understood the goals behind the task that you have assigned.

It is your duty to outline the purpose of the task and the final outcome. When you share this, your virtual assistant will be able to gauge what else they will be able to handle for you and whether outsourcing is working out for both of you.

Feedback is crucial to a Virtual PA’s growth and success, and will also ensure that you and your virtual assistant share a healthy working relationship.

No two people are alike. You and your virtual assistant will be very different people in terms of personalities. It is important to deconstruct your thoughts and views and start giving and receiving feedback from very early on to be able to understand each others personalities and at a later stage, to help with productivity.

Never play the comparison game with your Virtual PA! Remember that your virtual assistant is only there to help you offload some tasks and is not someone you compare yourself and your efficiency with.

Give your virtual assistant the time to learn and grow. No miracles can happen overnight. When you have decided to take the plunge of hiring a virtual administrative assistant, understand that the virtual assistant you will now be working with is just as new to the tasks as you are new to outsourcing.

Give your virtual administrative assistant some time to warm up, understand how you like your tasks handled and eventually you will notice that he/she is showing the sort of productivity that you were expecting with your tasks.

What you can outsource?

Now that you know what our virtual assistance company can handle. The real question is: What can you outsource to virtual assistants?

We have a long list of services we can do and have done in the past. But it's pointless telling you that we will find you information about guitars if you don't play one. In the end you alone know what your requirements are.

Not everybody is going to outsource the same work to virtual personal assistants. Musicians may outsource their website development, but not their instrument research. A website designer would probably do exactly the opposite. A 73-year-old retiree may want us to set up doctor's appointment, a 23-year-old grad student who runs 3 miles a day, may not.

To know what you can outsource, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is it that you want to spend your time doing?
  2. What are the things that are getting in the way?
  3. Of that list, what do you not have to do personally?

For example:

  1. You want to have more time to spend with your family and garage band.
  2. Your job, constant traveling to conferences, traffic jams, medical appointments for your kids, finding gigs for your band, getting a new guitar.
  3. You need to do your job.

If you need to travel to a conference, we'll take care of your travel arrangements.

We can't sit out your traffic jams for you, but we can probably help you with telecommuting.

We can help set up the appointments.

We can help finding gigs.

We won't buy your guitar because that's something you might want to do. But we can help you find out some basic information and store locations.

Now you know what you can outsource to your virtual personal assistants.

If you need any clarifications on what we can handle, feel free to contact us and ask.

Incidentally, we like clients who push the limits. It makes our job fun, and makes your lives easier.

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