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Wondering how the sign-up process works? Don’t worry. We have made this simple video tutorial for you. This video explains the sign-up process and helps you register for GetFriday without any hassle. Have a look before proceeding to register.

I know how this process works. Take me to the registration.

The phone check is for your security, to minimize credit card fraud. It is an automated process and is available 24/7. Please make sure that you can access your primary phone number when you are registering.

You can either fax or email your membership to us. Both the email and the fax in question are secure and are accessible only by members of the billing department. We will not be able to authorize your membership until we receive your membership form.

Our billing department is available 24/5, Monday 7:30am IST (GMT+5.5 hours) to Saturday 7:30am IST (GMT+5.5 hours). They will be able to receive and authorize memberships during these hours.

You will receive a mail as soon as your membership has been authorized. You will then be able to log into the Web Interface to update your contact information and add other people who will also be using the virtual assistant services.

You can respond to the authorization e-mail with a suitable time during which you will be available for a Support Executive to contact you. Our website uses SSL for secure transactions. The server is encrypted with double password protection and is located on our secure network behind firewalls.

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