A Call A Day, Keeps Worries At Bay!

GetFriday’s Virtual Assistants have worked with a number of tasks, and every time they have worked on a task, they have gone on to touch someone’s life. This time, it was special.

A client’s friend, who was a star performer at work, was always envied by her peers and friends and became the victim of hate messages and posts on social media sites. This dampened her spirits and seeing this her friend requested the virtual assistants at GetFriday to call her on a regular basis and check up on her, while offering her words of motivation, support and love.

The outcome? A happy and satisfied client and a happier friend, who felt important, cared for and now… invincible! A call a day definitely kept her worries and troubles at bay!

Hi..! Can You Remind Me?

GetFriday’s dependable virtual assistants worked with plenty of reminder tasks, but none that involved reminding a client about their own wedding anniversary date or Valentine’s Day. Then, a similar request popped up and our remote executive assistants at GetFriday readily obliged. Just how could they refuse? By reminding this client about his anniversary, Valentine’s Day and also helping him with planning these occasions, he managed to bring a smile on his wife’s face, while saving himself from trouble! Phew! With that sorted, the client also needed to be reminded about his book club meet with his buddies, on a bi-weekly basis.

What may seem like a regular reminder task, turned out to warm the cockles of our hearts. Not only did our client manage to remember his anniversary date, he managed to take breaks and make time from his busy schedule to meet his pals at the book club- all thanks to the efficient, timely reminder updates from the remote executive assistants at GetFriday. The virtual assistants managed to save the day and transformed this client’s life for the better while giving him the time to spend time with his loved ones.

Did You Say You Can Set Up A Business?

A patron had a skeleton business plan and wanted to breathe some life into it. Starting a business is no joke and requires a lot of grit, information, finances and resources. With the diverse range of skills and capabilities of GetFriday’s virtual assistants, the challenge was accepted and the client’s basic business plan began to take some shape. With some progress, the virtual assistants also helped the client with finding a suitable company that would help her with creating the kit that she wanted to sell to people under a suitable budget. The outcome? An up and running, successful business and a client, who is now a happy entrepreneur!

A Tale Of A Tale…

Writing a book involves considerable planning, 1000 drafts, a reliable publisher and lots of inspiration. The most crucial steps of writing a book take place during its planning stages. As a budding author, finding the relevant resources and some encouragement can be tricky, but if you have the right guidance and assistance at the initial stages, you are good to go! One such author managed to find this sort of inspiration and backing with the virtual assistants at GetFriday. Now, the book is in its final stages and is due to hit the shelves at bookstores soon.

With Love….Your Trusted Travel Agents Cum Virtual Assistants!

Imagine having to plan an extensive business trip for about 20 people across 3 countries? Sounds much? As if planning for just one person was not enough, here the client wanted to plan a trip for 20-odd delegates in Israel, South Africa and India, with food, accommodation, sightseeing et al. As the virtual personal assistants at GetFriday have handled loads of travel plans and itineraries, this too was a piece of cake! The clients are now back at home with wonderful memories of their trips in all the 3 places and a successful conference. No complaints there!

The Wolves of GetFriday

We’ve all heard of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, but did you know that GetFriday too has worked on ‘stocks’? Apart from handling tasks across multiple domains, the virtual personal assistants at GetFriday helped a client with his stocks and informed him when the stocks peaked at the rate/point specified. The good news is, not only did we try our hand at some share broking and loved it, but also the fact that our client made some good money! That gives GetFriday’s virtual assistants reasons to celebrate now, doesn’t it?

The 'Happy' in Birthdays

A client, who lives away from his family, wanted to send birthday cards to each of his family members during their birthdays. In order for the customized cards to reach them on time, the client needed to start 3-days in advance to personalize the cards and then send it. However, he lost track due to his busy lifestyle and needed to get back to sending cards to the ones he loved without fail. After all, they meant the world to him. Seeing that he wasn’t getting any time, he approached GetFriday’s reliable remote executive assistants to help him with the needful. Now, beautiful cards were reaching his family on time and both he and his family are content and happy.

Uncovering The Truth

The director of a university in New Zealand, whose university is ‘apparently’ listed with an agent in Bangalore, wanted to know the authenticity of this agent and his agency. How did GetFriday help? One of the virtual assistants went to the extent of disguising himself as a student and fixed a meeting with the agent to discuss about universities in New Zealand. What was the result of this meeting? Not once did the agent mention the name of the University mentioned by the client and the truth was uncovered. The agency was a fraudulent one. The client, who was satisfied with the outcome, continued his virtual assistant services with GetFriday and has been a patron for over 5 years now.

This was one of the tasks we feel proud of as our virtual assistants generally do not take up tasks that require travelling to a place or a market. But because this client has been associated with the virtual assistant company for 5 years, we understood the importance of his needs and acted accordingly. Going out of the way is good sometimes!

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