Gopi Kallayil
Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google
I was introduced to GetFriday through Tim Ferriss' book, 'The Four-HourWork Week'. I admit, I was a bit skeptical going in but decided to take the leap of faith anyway. Thankfully, it paid off! These guys are incredibly efficient! What might have taken me days to complete, they did in hours!Kudos to my very efficient assistant, Nisha, who handled all my work professionally, effortlessly and unfailingly delivered top-notch work.
Getfriday has provided me with tremendously sharp assistants that supported me in my travels oversees or arrangements locally.
Mike Charter
I have used Get Friday on and off for several years now for varied tasks like checking best travel options, summarising the best computers on the market for me to purchase, performing market research into potential service providers to support my business and technical website and systems support (including writing and testing macros and configuring upload files). Get Friday has alleviated some stress and been helpful in supporting me to deliver various activities. I will continue using Get Friday and looking for more ways to continue to delegate tasks to free up time for me.
I cannot start the day without GetFriday. They are my secretary, personal trainer and research assistant rolled into one... but much cheaper and more motivated than UK staff
Managing Director, Zaebra Consulting Ltd
Asha and her team provided an excellent and highly professional service. Our requests were met promptly and the quality of work was impressive.
I LOVE IT!!! Great job. You guys are naturals.
Andrew Miles
An excellent, value-for-money service. Thoroughly recommended.
Yan Knudtskov
Owner, Yan&Co yanco.dk
I have been using GetFriday for almost 6 months now and I’m very happy about the services they provide. They are great at communicating, kind and caring and put a smile on my face. GetFriday gives me the feeling that they are part of my company and the quality of service is excellent. They are quick to learn and always take care of assignments with a smile. I can warmly recommend GetFriday to anyone who needs personal assistant services.
Chris Loverde
CEO of Buy Direct LLC www.manta.com
The VA's are a great help! Work is completed correctly in a timely manner. The biggest benefit is that they always communicate their timelines, questions, and other information proactively so we always know where our projects are at. My VA is very friendly and always earner to learn more. I would highly recommend.
Jessica Mitchell
Senior Foreclosure Specialist at Nationstar Mortgage LLC in Coppell, TX. www.nationstarmtg.com
GetFriday is an awesome and affordable VA service. I'm an individual that was looking for some organization in my life and found GetFriday to be the perfect fit for my busy lifestyle. They handled research I needed done, job searches, entries into my calendar for daily agendas, and handled small projects that I just didn't have the time to do. GetFriday is a wonderful choice for the individual or if you own a business, they can handle it all.
Susan Southerland
My team and I have enjoyed working with GetFriday. Our VA, Jishnu has become a valuable member of our team. He is saving us time and taking good care of our tasks. I highly recommend GetFriday for anyone in need of a virtual assistant.
Karl Larsen
GetFriday has been a great experience. They are very polite, professional, and do thorough work. I've been very pleased with their services so far. I recommend them.
Richard Van Barneveld
Sandhya is my private assistant for almost 2 years now. I am extremely happy with her. She is very helpful, proactive and is always available to help met the many tasks I send to her. This includes my personal finance and a lot of support for my venture(s) like e-mailing, updating websites etc etc. and a lot of research. But above all is a very nice person and I am grateful to have her as my assistant.
Matthew Weller
Ram assisted me in creating a multimedia video which I later used as a proposal to my now Fiance. His ability to follow my intentions were flawless. I was also particularly happy with the outcome achieved and the structured process undertaken to achieve the finished product. I would highly recommend Ram for any future projects of this nature.
Tim Smart
This is the first review I have ever left. I am normally too preoccupied but I felt the top notch service I received from my VA Nivetha from Get Friday was worth taking the two minutes to write this. Exceeded all of my expectations and caught on to my industry specific needs very quickly. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in outsourcing some of life's mundane tasks.
Eddie Pinellas
Event Director, Lionheart Productions, Inc.
I have been using Getfriday since 2007 and like it very much. They provide great virtual assistance services like answering actual e-mails and call clients (not a robo call). It has ben great being a client of Getfriday for over 13 years and I look to using Getfriday more.
Malai Annamalai
Managing Director @aKube Inc

Folks from GetFriday have been very helpful with all my admin tasks. I was skeptical as to how this was going to work, because as entrepreneurs it's easy to think no one can do what you do. The trick is to document the repetitive work and as soon as I documented the work, it was easy to turn it over to GetFriday.

Krishna has been especially very diligent in the process. Even though most tasks are repetitive, some nuances in variables especially during the month end and year end - he was able to identify and follow through with little or no direction.

I appreciate all the help, this frees up my time to do other things to build the business.

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